Registration for 2022/23 is now CLOSED.

Important Documents

Multiple Athlete Discount

If you are registering multiple participants, contact prior to payment for a discount code (please provide your athletes’ names and the programs you will be registering).
The 20% discount applies to the athlete(s) with the lower registration price(s). This discount does not apply to 10U Pups registering for a single term. Athletes must be from the same family.

Registration Instructions

Simplified online registration instructions below. Detailed instructions available here. Issues with registering? email

  1. Registration for the 2022/23 season is now CLOSED, however you may register for a two-week trial at any time in preparation for next season.
  2. Navigate to:
  3. Log in or create an account
  4. Select “Participant”
  5. Select Division
    Swim Like a Dolphin (birth year 2013 or later)
    Provincial Athlete (birth year prior to 2013 or experienced 2013 athletes)
  6. Select age division, based on birth year
  7. Read and sign all waivers
  8. Upload birth certificate
  9. Complete emergency contact information
  10. Complete additional questions (select Primary for Question 1)
  11. Complete payment

Not quite ready to commit? Sign up for a two-week trial!

Cost and Program Information

TeamTypical Ages and Birth YearsProgram DurationWeekly Training
(In Pool / Total)
Registration CostsAdditional Costs
10U Active Start
Pups and Swim Like a Dolphin
6 – 10 years
2013 – 2017
Sep – Dec
Jan – Apr
2 hr / 2 hr$325/session or
$625 (Sep – Apr)
$42 WPC
$9 AWPA Athlete
12U Fundamentals10 – 12 years
2011 – 2013
Sep – Apr3.5-4.5 hr / 4-5 hr$900$92 AWPA Provincial Athlete Fee
Travel within Alberta
14U Technical Foundations13 – 14 years
2009 – 2010
Sep – Apr5.5 hr / 7 hr$1100$92 AWPA Provincial Athlete Fee
Travel within Alberta
18U WP4’s
Active for Life
15 – 18 years
2005 – 2008
Sep – Apr5.5 hr / 7 hr$1050$92 AWPA Provincial Athlete Fee
Travel within Alberta