Bingos and Casinos

The success of the Wild Water Polo club and the success of our athletes rely on the contributions of our parent volunteers. Both our high-caliber coaches and the training pool facilities are expensive. We chose to continue program using these high-quality coaches and facilities to provide our athletes with the best opportunities possible. Club programs are funded through fees and revenue generated by volunteering at bingo associations and casinos. Club programs, teams, communications, community league and provincial league are heavily supported and sustained by the parent volunteers.

Families who do not fulfill their Bingo or Casino credits will have their account set to “not in good standing” with Wild, making the athletes ineligible to register for any water polo teams or training until their commitment is met.

Bingo Volunteer Credits Requirement

All members of the club are required to fulfill bingo volunteer credits. The Bingo credit requirements per family in all age groups is as follows:

TeamVolunteer RequirementVolunteer Credits
10U*1 Bingo shift2 credits
12U2 Bingo shifts4 credits
14U2 Bingo shifts4 credits
18U2 Bingo shifts4 credits

Bingo volunteer requirements align with the eldest athlete in the family.
For example, if your family has two athletes registered with one in 10U and the other in 14U, you will be required to fulfill volunteer requirements for 14U, i.e. 2 Bingo shifts / 4 credits.

Bingo shift sign-up

Sign up for Bingo shifts here. If signup is full, more shifts will be added and communicated.

The Wild Water Polo club volunteers with Best Bingo association at Grey Eagle Casino. Once you’ve have completed registration, the club’s bingo coordinator will email you the link for shift signups as dates are made available. Our club may receive 6 dates or more for volunteer
opportunities with the bingo association.

If you need to cancel your shift within two weeks of the shift date, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. You could send a family member or friend to volunteer in your place. Your bingo shift signup on signup genius will be used in part for tracking, please do not remove your signup after you’ve completed a shift.

Casino Volunteer Credits Requirement

Wild’s most recent casino was August 17 and 18, 2023.

Each family registered with our club is required to fulfill casino volunteer credits. Every 18-24 months, Wild is granted a casino fundraiser by AGLC. On the years Wild Water Polo is granted a casino, the Casino credit requirements per family in all age groups is as follows:

TeamVolunteer RequirementVolunteer Credits
10U1 shift*1 credit
12U1 shift*1 credit
14U1 shift*1 credit
18U1 shift*1 credit
* 1 shift (regardless of hours ) can be AM, PM, or Night

Casino dates are assigned approximately every 18 months, usually two back-to-back dates. It is imperative to fulfill the shift you signed up for. Casino adds significant revenue to our club. If our club does not fulfill the dates assigned, we run the risk of losing our place on the casino rotation.

Volunteer Surety

At the beginning of the season, a  Volunteer Surety cheque will be collected from registered families.

TeamBingo SuretyCasino Surety

The Volunteer Surety cheque is returned at the end of the year if volunteer credits are fulfilled. Members will forfeit all or part of their Volunteer Surety if volunteer credits are not fulfilled.

Unfulfilled volunteer credits forfeit policy: Each unfulfilled volunteer credit will cost $150.

Unfulfilled Volunteer requirementsCost/Deduction
1 unfulfilled volunteer Bingo Shift$300
2 unfulfilled volunteer Bingo Shifts$600
Unfulfilled volunteer Casino Shift$300