Volunteer Officiating

Tournaments and games rely on the volunteer power of athletes’ family members. Referees officiate the games, with volunteers performing auxiliary tasks including jobs like Shot Clock Operator, Game Secretary and Penalty Secretary.

These roles are not overly complicated and there is a Supervisor to help everyone out. To support minor officiating volunteers, Alberta Water Polo has prepared training videos for all officiating positions. These tutorials can be found at https://www.albertawaterpolo.ca/content/minor-officials.

After you have familiarize yourself with each officiating position, please register as a volunteer through RAMP and select the positions you have completed training for.

  1. Watch the officiating tutorials
  2. Login to the Wild RAMP registration system (same login you used to register for Wild)
  3. Click on ‘Executive/Volunteer Registration’
  4. Click on the drop down arrows.
  5. Choose Season
    • select appropriate season
  6. Choose Position
    • Volunteer (near the bottom)
  7. Choose a Family Member (should be a parent/guardian)
    • Choose appropriate name or ‘Add a family member’
  8. Training qualifications will be presented. Select appropriate ones, or update throughout the season.
  9. Complete the WPC waivers

The players, coaches, clubs and the entire water polo community appreciate the time and effort each volunteer dedicates to making these tournaments a success.

Wild requires one parent for each family registered in RAMP by October 7.