Respect in Sport

The Alberta Water Polo Association has implemented the Respect in Sport (RIS) Parent Program which is a key piece to the safe sport environment.

All families who have registered must have at least one parent complete the Respect in Sport online course and become RIS certified. The RIS certification is valid for 5 years. For parents who have completed this with a different association they can import their certificate and add Alberta Water Polo to their profile.

The cost for each family to complete the Respect in Sport Parent Program online certification course is $12.00. This fee is in addition to any club or player registration fees. The link to access the RIS Parent Program can be found below. Once a profile has been created, select the Wild Water Polo club under the Alberta Water Polo Association and add your child’s name to their profile under “Child Management”. Multiple children can also be added to the same profile.


To certify for the first time, recertify, or import your certificate from another sport into Water Polo Canada’s systems, visit

Respect in Sport – Parent Program for Water Polo Canada

After you have completed your training, please add the certificate to RAMP:

  1. Email Wild your certificate number, guardian name on certificate, and athlete name(s) as confirmation ()
  2. Log into (you will have set this up during registration.)
  3. Add it to your profile for future registrations:
    1. Choose the “My Family Members” menu option
    2. Edit the profile for the parent/guardian who completed the training
    3. Add the Respect in Sport Certificate Number
    4. Submit

Athletes will not be added to any game or tournament rosters until one parent/guardian has completed the training. All certificates will be verified by Wild and training must be completed by October 6.